DIY Disco Party Ideas

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DIY Disco Party Ideas

Throwing an unforgettable disco party for your children can be a dazzling way to celebrate their special day or spice up the school holidays. Without needing professional party planners like Shake It Dance, you can still create an electrifying atmosphere that will have the kids talking for weeks. Here are our top five suggestions for hosting the ultimate disco party at home.

1. Transform Your Space with Disco Decor:

No disco party is complete without the quintessential disco ball. Amplify the vibe with colorful lights, bubble machine, and more to recreate a dance hall atmosphere. Adorn the walls with balloons, streamers, and DIY decorations like paper disco records or a makeshift DJ booth to bring the disco era to life.

2. Curate a Playlist of Kid-Friendly Hits:

Music is the soul of a disco party. Compile a playlist of the kids' favorite tunes and plan some warm-up activities to get everyone moving. Introducing simple, fun dance moves or allowing the kids to create their own dance routines encourages creativity and ensures that every child actively participates in the celebration. Just make sure you listen to the playlist prior to the party. Not all songs are appropriate for kids parties despite their catchy beats. 

3. Create a Dress-Up Station:

A disco party kicks off the moment guests walk in. Set up a dress-up station right at the entrance with boxes filled with glowing bangles, funky dance glasses, and vibrant, colorful outfits. This allows the children to dive into the disco spirit as they choose their flashy accessories, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

4. Set Up a Disco-Themed Photo Booth:

Capture the joy and excitement with a disco-themed photo booth. Equip it with props like oversized glasses, sparkly hats, and retro costumes against a backdrop of bubble bead curtains or metallic streamers. Instant photo prints make great party favors, letting the kids take home a piece of the fun. But be mindful as the film can be expensive. If you have an older responsible sibling or a parents who loves helping out you can give then the task of taking photos on a phone to cut costs.

5. Serve Up Some Groovy Snacks and Drinks:

Don't forget to hydrate with WATER, after all of that dancing the kids will need a drink of water easily assessable to them. Dancing kids are bound to get hungry, so be ready with an array of disco-themed treats. Think disco ball cupcakes, edible glitter cake pops, and neon glow-in-the-dark beverages. Whether you're baking at home or ordering from a caterer, these fun snacks will keep the energy high and the party going. 

Even without the assistance of professional entertainers, these tips can help you craft an epic disco party for your kids. Remember, the goal is to create a lively, inclusive environment where every child feels like a star on the dance floor. With a little creativity and planning, you can pull off an event that's both memorable and stress-free. Let the disco begin!

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