Hello, I'm Tiff, and I'm the passionate founder of Shake It Dance! πŸ‘‹

At Shake It Dance, we're all about bringing the groove, the fun, and the rhythm back into your life. Whether you're a mum in need of some 'You Time,' a kid ready to bust a move, or a group of friends looking for an unforgettable party experience, we've got you covered!

Here's a little more about me: I'm not just your average dance enthusiast; I'm a Health and P.E Teacher and a certified Dance Teacher with a deep love for a wide range of dance styles, from Hip Hop and Breakdancing to Acrobatics, Jazz, Zumba, and Contemporary. However, like many mums out there, my dance moves were gathering dust as I juggled the demands of motherhood. The only dance floor I had access to was my kitchen, where my kids would beg me to stop embarrassing them with my wild moves!

But one day, as I was stirring a pot of Spag Bol and jamming to some sick beats, it hit me like a bolt of inspiration. I realized that I missed the sheer joy of letting loose and getting a little crazy to the music I loved. So, I started crafting a playlist that could make any kitchen dance party sizzle with energy. That's when the idea struck me – why not share this exhilarating experience with my local mum community? After all, we all deserve a bit of 'You Time.' And just like that, Shake It Mumma was born!

Shake It Mumma is where it all began, and it's a place where local mums can rediscover the magic of dance, have fun, and let go of life's stresses. It's about creating a supportive community where mums can come together, groove to fantastic tunes, and remember what it's like to feel truly alive!

But that's not all! I also wanted to bring the magic of dance to our little ones. As a qualified P.E Teacher, I saw the perfect opportunity to combine my expertise with my love for dance. Shake It Kids parties are an absolute blast, filled with energy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of your child's special day and help them discover the joy of movement.

So, whether you're a mom looking for some 'You Time,' a parent interested in our Kids parties, or someone ready to shake it up with our other exciting classes, Shake It Dance is here to make it happen. Feel free to reach out to me at tiff@shakeit.dance for any questions or inquiries.

Get ready to dance your heart out, because at Shake It Dance, we're all about bringing the rhythm, the fun, and the magic of dance into your life! πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽ‰